Synthetic Libraries

Synthetic Screening Compounds

Drug research is dependent on novel approaches, now more than ever. The number of newly approved medicines with a clear health benefit for patients is too low. This is also an expression of the inadequate availability of potential new starting points. Taking on ideas from nature and leverage them for early drug discovery.

Macrocycles – learning from nature

Receptors with extensive and shallow binding sites are often effectively addressed through macrocyclic compounds, which are characterized by restricted conformational flexibility. The diversity in macrocyclic scaffolds accessible is, however, limited. With the implementation of the innovative “MacroEvoLution concept”, AnalytiCon has managed to establish a unique platform which systematically and efficiently allows access to higher scaffold diversity. The modular assembly makes a fast development from hit compounds to lead compounds easier.

Fragments from Nature

Available on project basis only: In the last few years, fragment-based approaches have been established as efficient techniques that speed things up in the development of active substances. AnalytiCon’s “Fragments from Nature” approach represents a possibility to integrate natural product elements into this approach. Through our “growing by catalogue” concept, we make fragments available which, in the case of an affinity worth pursuing, permits an uncomplicated development based on already established chemistry.

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