Synthetic Screening Compounds


Drug research is dependent on novel approaches, now more than ever. The number of newly approved medicines with a clear health benefit for patients is too low. This is also an expression of the inadequate availability of potential new starting points.

Surprising innovations are found primarily in the under explored areas of the chemical universe. Nature delivers precisely this: starting points which often surprise through their structural novelty and a new mode of action. AnalytiCon’s synthetic libraries exploit the advantages of a natural product – for example, from biologically relevant partial structures of natural products we develop libraries which can be further optimized by medicinal chemistry. Surprises are where you least expect them.

  • More than 33,000 compounds from 127 highly diverse chemotypes
  • Derived from carefully selected Natural Products as starting points for library design
  • All compounds synthesized based on reliable chemistry
  • Ready for medicinal chemistry
  • Fast SAR cycle enabled by established chemistry

Follow-up and customsynthesis projects

  • Short term resupply
  • Hit-to-lead programs at AnalytiCon’s or client’s lab
  • Custom synthesis generating focused libraries
  • Scale up of 100 g+ amounts
  • Full discovery programs including biology
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