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Amorfrutins are potent antidiabetic dietary natural products.

Weidner C, de Groot JC, Prasad A, Freiwald A, Quedenau C, Kliem M, Witzke A, Kodelja V, Han CT, Giegold S, Baumann M, Klebl B, Siems K, Müller-Kuhrt L, Schürmann A, Schüler R, Pfeiffer AF, Schroeder FC, Büssow K, Sauer S.

The phytochemical glaucarubinone promotes mitochondrial metabolism, reduces body fat, and extends lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans.

Zarse, K.; Bossecker, A.; Mueller-Kuhrt, L.; Siems, K.; Hernandez, M. A.; Berendsohn, W. G.; Birringer, M.; Ristow, M. Horm. Metab. Res. (2011), 43(4), 241-243

A Cell-based High-throughput Assay System Reveals Modulation of Oxidative and Nonoxidative Glucose Metabolism due to Commonly Used Organic Solvents

S. Zimmermann, K. Zarse, T. J. Schulz, K. Siems, L. Müller-Kuhrt, M. Birringer, M. Ristow

Identification of Natural-Product-Derived Inhibitors of 5-Lipoxygenase Activity by Ligand-Based Virtual Screening

Lutz Franke, Oliver Schwarz, Lutz Müller-Kuhrt, Christina Hoernig, Lutz Fischer, Sven George, Yusuf Tanrikulu, Petra Schneider, Oliver Werz, Dieter Steinhilber, and Gisbert Schneider

Natural Products in Parallel Chemistry – Novel 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitors from BIOS-Based Libraries Starting from α-Santonin

Oliver Schwarz, Sven Jakupovic, Horst-Dieter Ambrosi, Lars Ole Haustedt, Christian Mang, and Lutz Müller-Kuhrt

Discovery of protein phosphatase inhibitors classes by biology-oriented synthesis

Andrea Nören-Müller, Ivan Reis-Corrêa, Jr., Heino Prinz, Claudia Rosenbaum, Krishna Saxena, Harald J. Schwalbe, Dietmar Vestweber, Guiseppe Cagna, Stefan Schunk, Oliver Schwarz, Hajo Schiewe and Herbert Waldmann

Rational approaches to natural-product-based drug design

Lars Ole Haustedt, Christian Mang, Karsten Siems and Hajo Schiewe
Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development (2006), 9(4), 445-462
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