Excellence in Discovery and Development

Early Drug Discovery and Discovery Chemistry


Natural Product Chemistry & Drug Discovery

With more than 20 years experience in the field of modern, natural product-based development of active substances, AnalytiCon is able to offer our partners a combination of services and products unlike any other in the world. A pragmatic use of the active principles of nature, its subsequent translation into tools and starting points for modern research into active substances is our recipe for success. The conversion of structures optimized through evolution into synthetic concepts for state-of-the-art medicinal chemistry is our constant theme in this regard.
Early Drug Discovery

Design & Synthesis of Tailored Libraries

Based on AnalytiCon’s expertise in natural products and medicinal chemistry, a tailored development of customized libraries for our partners needs is feasible. The close cooperation with our partners is goal-oriented and results in the most efficient synthetic approaches and best possible products. The use of biostructural resources makes it possible to combine the development of libraries with biological relevance and synthetic efficiency.

Compound Management, Storage & Screening

AnalytiCon’s abilities to guarantee the reliable identification of compounds, to monitor their quality constantly and to make them available in a wide variety of delivery formats are the basic requirements for successful screening of active substances. Our libraries are available through a modern compound management system and can be delivered in a variety of different formats.

“On Demand”-Medchem Services up to Pre-Clinical Development

Successfully completed drug development projects highlight AnalytiCon’s leadership in the field of natural product-based medicinal chemistry. Fermentation, active ingredient isolation up to the kilogram scale, a modern biology platform and powerful medicinal chemistry interact under one roof in Potsdam, Germany. This unique constellation enables smooth and flexible development, from early hit compounds up to lead structure or clinical candidates.


Discovery Chemistry

Addressing “Truly Natural”

“Truly Natural” is not just a claim. The use of plant and microbial sources makes it possible for AnalytiCon to detect taste-modulating or health-promoting active ingredients from nature. This is done by taking into account not only toxicological and sensory issues but production costs as well.

Natural Ways for Taste Modulation on the Way to Market

In order to find novel natural modulators for all flavors, AnalytiCon is exploring multiple avenues: rational approaches combined with screening campaigns have repeatedly been successful: AnalytiCon has identified novel, natural sweeteners, salt taste enhancers and bitter blockers, which are further developed for market launch.

Novel and Healthy Ingredient Discovery Programs

Many fruit and vegetable varieties and hundreds of spices are reported to have health benefits without providing scientific evidence or identifying the active principle. A large market potential in the field of novel foods and dietary supplements has not yet been thoroughly exploited. Taking advantage of its natural resources – in particular on the basis of edible plant parts – AnalytiCon has discovered new biological activities. AnalytiCon is, if desired, responsible for the entire development right up to market entry.

Sustainable Value Streams

Products come from organic waste or side-streams. Valuable substances may be generated straight from side-streams or by further refinement. New knowledge concerning future recyclable materials is put into practice through the use of analytical technology and the benefits of AnalytiCon’s databases. Sustainability is not just a slogan, but the development of concepts for the largely waste-free use of existing natural resources.


Addressing “Truly Natural”

AnalytiCon’s resources allow the direct development of natural cosmetic ingredients based on isolated natural products as well as the use of the underlying principles of natural products for the development of simpler, more accessible synthetic ingredients. The search for efficacy and applicability is always our focus. This allows our industrial partners to conquer attractive markets through scientifically proven, proprietary claims.

Natural Products Meet Bioassay

In addition to de novo approaches (based on a new mode of action), we have specialized in deeper understandings and targeted further developments of known natural ingredients. Chemoinformatic tools and ethnobotanical information play a significant role in the selection of suitable extracts and substances. In biochemical and cellular assays the desired biological activities can be identified or confirmed. Novel methods for testing of toxicological safety are available to AnalytiCon.
Early Drug Discovery and Discovery Chemistry

From Hits to Culture to Field to Market

In the context of the development of innovative cosmetic ingredients, we are not bound to a single method but can select from among very different technologies such as traditional plant collection, agricultural production, plant cell technology, or heterologous expression in yeast and bacteria or chemical synthesis. Our capabilities include the provision of raw materials to partners on a multi-kilogram to ton scale. A series of skin care products developed by us has already reached the consumer market.
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