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Natural product chemistry is a focussing of modern drug research on the biosynthetic products of plants and microorganisms. Abundant resources of nature – molecules designed and produced in living cells – are exploited to find starting points for the development of innovative products. The combination of microbiology, natural product isolation, analytics and structure elucidation, as well as natural product synthesis and biological profiling makes AnalytiCon unique.

Vast and continuously growing strain collection

Its current in-house strain collection of 25,000 highly diverse microorganisms enables AnalytiCon to isolate an unrivalled diversity of microbial substances with potentially interesting biological activity. Prokaryotic and microbial kingdoms allow AnalytiCon to provide a fascinating diversity of taxonomic and ecological groups, including, inter alia, actinomycetes, myxobacteria and endophytic fungi.
Natural Product Space
Natural Product Drug Discovery

State-of-the-art fermentation

Current fermentation technologies extend far beyond liquid fermentation. AnalytiCon profiles its strains with regard to their biosynthetic potential for secondary metabolites by means of complementary fermentation systems. In addition to liquid fermentation, solid fermentation and membrane (biofilm) fermentation are also used. For the scale-up, after successfully optimized 10 L fermentation, AnalytiCon has established a collaborative network of partners in the 200 – 1,000 L scale.

Tens of thousands of plant partitions in storage

Using a high diversity of plants being profiled permits a broad chemical diversity in terms of the isolated metabolites: different geological and climatic conditions and environmental habitats influence the cells metabolism and thus the biosynthesis of the unique substances within the plant world. The AnalytiCon collection of 20,000 plant partitions is an extraordinary representation of biological diversity. The continuous expansion of the collection ensures a steady increase in novel isolation of natural products. Our goal is to elicit their secrets and transform them into groundbreaking new products.

Covering all aspects of pure compound isolation: AnalytiCon’s High Throughput Isolation Platform

A unique technology platform allows AnalytiCon to isolate pure natural products in high throughput fashion. Beginning with the extraction of the material, followed by the use of individually optimized column chromatography and concluding with HPLC-MS and NMR analytics, AnalytiCon can purify thousands of molecules every year and determine their chemical structure. Every stage of the process is accompanied by a proprietary data management system – the guarantee of a subsequent, successful follow-up of the initial steps of drug development.

Achieving synthetic optimization of natural products

Medicinal chemistry starting from natural products has long been considered time-consuming and tedious. AnalytiCon has many years of experience in the field of medicinal chemical optimization of natural product hits or drug candidates. This also includes the total synthesis of complex natural products and the isolation of similar compounds from fermentations or plant extracts. Our objective here is to establish initial structure activity relationships swiftly. Toxicity studies, stability tests and first efficacy studies can be conducted in tandem with the development of a scale-up process of the target substance.

Biological profiling

AnalytiCon Discovery is a qualified and reliable partner in the field of target-to-lead discovery.
Our growing compound screening and profiling portfolio covers state-of-the-art cell-based and biochemical assays addressing validated or novel therapeutic drug targets such as G-protein-coupled receptors, protein kinases and protein-protein interactions, as well as functional, and phenotypic approaches.
Natural Product Chemistry
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