Natural Product Libraries

Screening Libraries

Collections of purified Natural Products – continuously growing

Since 2000 AnalytiCon has isolated around 20,000 different natural products. We have done this with a high level of purity and fully elucidated chemical structures. This scope illustrates our expertise in natural product chemistry in the most striking way. AnalytiCon currently offers about 5,000 different natural products. Every year a further thousand compounds are isolated – with a degree of novelty of around 50%. The high proportion of microbial substances only accessible to AnalytiCon makes this substance library unique.

Edible plant material: Compounds, Fractions, Extracts

Parts of plants, which represent parts of human nutrition, are largely harmless from a toxicological point of view (in terms of normal daily consumption). A benefit greatly appreciated by many food and cosmetic companies. Therefore AnalytiCon has built up an extensive collection of edible plants as well as extracts, fractions and isolated natural products produced from these. Fractions and pure substances can be used alongside the extracts for testing purposes. Our extracts have been produced from 2,000 plant partitions being the start for the generation of tens of thousands of fractions and thousands of pure natural products.

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