Purified Natural Product Screening Compounds

The world’s most sustainable collection of purified Natural Products. Isolated from plants (MEGxp) and microorganisms (MEGxm). Ready to screen for fastest hit-finding in Natural Product Drug Discovery. Highest chances to de-orphanize your targets.

  • MEGx: The most time and cost-efficient way to perform Natural Product drug discovery campaigns
  • Highest diversity available
  • Derived from carefully selected plants and microorganisms
  • Thousands of pure Natural Products from
    Plants: MEGxp
    Microorganisms: MEGxm
  • Short-term resupply due to dried plant material repository and reliable strain storage
  • SAR studies as well as Hit-to-Lead programs at AnalytiCon’s or clients lab
  • Scale-up of 100 g+ amounts within 6–9 months
  • Full discovery programs including required biology
  • Production of exclusive libraries using client’s biosources
  • Production of focused libraries

Follow-up Services for Bioactive Natural Products

  • Resupply for hit confirmation
  • Supply with analogs
  • Derivatization program for early SAR
  • Scale up
  • Hit-to-lead programs
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