Purified Natural Product Screening Compounds

The world’s most sustainable collection of purified Natural Products. Isolated from plants (MEGxp) and microorganisms (MEGxm). Ready to screen for fastest hit-finding in Natural Product Drug Discovery. Highest chances to de-orphanize your targets.

  • MEGx: The most time and cost-efficient way to perform Natural Product drug discovery campaigns
  • Highest diversity available
  • Derived from carefully selected plants and microorganisms
  • Thousands of pure Natural Products from
    Plants: MEGxp
    Microorganisms: MEGxm
  • Short-term resupply due to dried plant material repository and reliable strain storage
  • SAR studies as well as Hit-to-Lead programs at AnalytiCon’s or clients lab
  • Scale-up of 100 g+ amounts within 6–9 months
  • Full discovery programs including required biology
  • Production of exclusive libraries using client’s biosources
  • Production of focused libraries

Follow-up Services for Bioactive Natural Products

  • Resupply for hit confirmation
  • Supply with analogs
  • Derivatization program for early SAR
  • Scale up
  • Hit-to-lead programs

Special Collections

In addition to our libraries designed for the needs of early drug discovery our unique collections of polyphenols and flavonoids are especially suitable for the development of novel taste modulating or health-promoting ingredients for the food industry.

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