AnalytiCon`s Sub-Library of Polyphenols and Flavonoids

These classes of plant-derived pure natural products come with many biological active compounds. Several rich sources are food stuffs. It is no surprise that food ingredients or active cosmetic ingredients are found in these natural resources. More than 300 different compounds are offered as a pre-plated screening set for biological evaluation.

The following examples of this set show the structural diversity:
NP-001161: Isoflavone Genistin from soya and other legume (CAS: 529-59-9)
NP-002695: Flavone Nobiletin from div. citrus fruits (CAS: 478-01-3)
NP-003056: Flavone derivative Mulberrin from mulberry (CAS: 62949-79-5)
NP-015706: Anthocyan Cyanidin 3-arabinoside from cranberry (CAS: 27214-72-8)
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