Get all of AnalytiCon’s vast library diversity – represented in one large collection for an affordable fee

Our 25k Diversity Set is a collection of high quality, small molecule screening libraries. All compounds are based upon or directly derived from Nature. We’ve coupled our library design experience of 20 years, and our natural product isolation expertise to create a comprehensive compound collection. The combination of natural product diversity and medicinal chemistry tractability makes it a powerful entry for your challenging drug discovery programs

Our 25k diversity set is organized in a 384-well format and contains the following sub libraries:

3,500 pure Natural Products
1,000 compounds isolated from microorganisms (fungi and bacteria)
2,500 compounds isolated from plants

3,000 Macrocycles
originating from 77 different chemotypes

18,500 synthetic compounds
based on natural product motifs originating from 100 different chemotypes.

All sub libraries as described above are separately available as well.

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