Natural Products

Natural Products Meet Bioassay

In addition to de novo approaches (based on a new mode of action), we have specialized in deeper understandings and targeted further developments of known natural ingredients. Chemoinformatic tools and ethnobotanical information play a significant role in the selection of suitable extracts and substances. In biochemical and cellular assays the desired biological activities can be identified or confirmed. Novel methods for testing of toxicological safety are available to AnalytiCon.[/block_img]

From Hits to Culture to Field to Market

In the context of the development of innovative cosmetic ingredients, we are not bound to a single method but can select from among very different technologies such as traditional plant collection, agricultural production, plant cell technology, or heterologous expression in yeast and bacteria or chemical synthesis. Our capabilities include the provision of raw materials to partners on a multi-kilogram to ton scale. A series of skin care products developed by us has already reached the consumer market.